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Mon 23:59 OPEN ALL DAY
Tue 23:59 OPEN ALL DAY
Wed 23:59 OPEN ALL DAY
Thu 23:59 OPEN ALL DAY
Fri 23:59 OPEN ALL DAY
Sat 23:59 OPEN ALL DAY
Sun 23:59


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SpicyMatch Mousse Weeks @ Le Glamour Beach

SpicyMatch is proud to present Everyone knows the Mousse Parties in Cap D'Agde are Legendary, and SpicyMatch makes them so much bigger and sexier !...

SpicyMatch After Beach @ Le Galion

SpicyMatch is proud to present After a day at the beach, or at the Mousse Party, there is no other way to wind down but to enjoy a cocktail to the...

SpicyMatch Happy Hour Wednesdays

SpicyMatch is proud to present Wednesdays is Happy Hour Wednesdays with SpicyMatch. Join us at Les Desushics, one of the most chic bars in Cap D'Agde,...

SpicyMatch Fridays @ RIAD5

SpicyMatch is proud to present Friday Nights in Cap D'Agde reach a climax with an explosion of erotism @ the SpicyMatch Fridays at RIAD 5. If you...

SpicyMatch Saturdays @ Le Glamour

SpicyMatch is proud to present Every Saturday night between the 8th July and the 28th August, SpicyMatch presents the biggest, sexiest swinger party...

SpicyMatch Cap D'Agde Village Parade

SpicyMatch is proud to present Everyone knows that Cap D'Agde is one big party..... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.... and as now has become tradition,...

SpicyMatch Sundays @ Club VIP

SpicyMatch is proud to present Club VIP in Port Ambonne is one of the trendiest clubs in Cap D'Agde, and SpicyMatch Sundays brings the hottest couples...

SpicyMatch Beach Parade

SpicyMatch is proud to present This year, SpicyMatch is going to bring "Beach-Sexy" Back ! Tuesday afternoons we will hit the Beach and together with...

The SpicyMatch TakeOver Extravaganza

SpicyMatch is proud to present On the 27th of July, SpicyMatch welcomes more than 140 couples from all over the world to the complete take-overs of...

Rumba Mediterranea Cap D'Agde Excursion

You cannot visit France and not visit Cap D’Agde - the largest Naked Village in the world, also dubbed as The Swinger Capital of the World. We have...

Cap d'Agde Take-Over 2017

THE SPICYMATCH CAP D'AGDE TAKE-OVER Le Jardin de Babylon 27th July - 2nd August 2017 Welcome to the SpicyMatch Cap D'Agde Complete Take-Over of Le...